Solving Equations

A Collection of Tasks for Learning or Assessment SE
  1. I can solve:
    · single variable equations
    · single variable inequalities algebraically and graphically.
    · literal equations for a specified variable (rearrange a formula for a specific variable.
  2. I can solve proportions that contain variables.
  3. I can solve word problems, including those with constant rates of change, by writing and solving equations.

Developing Algebraic Thinking

external image msword.png Number Tricks and algebra (Pre 5a.1-Revised).docexternal image msword.png TRAFFIC JAM-Algebraic Thinking.doc

Solving Equations

These lessons utilize manipulatives (hands-on equations and candy) to solve equations.
external image msword.png Build and Solve (Alg 3.1 Revised).docexternal image msword.png SolvingEquationsUsingCandy.doc

Toolbox lessons guide students through the steps involved in solving equations.
external image msword.png Solving Equations Toolbox.docexternal image msword.png My Equation Toolbox -teacher (Alg 3 Revised).docexternal image msword.png My Equation Toolbox- student(Alg 3 Revised).doc

Students examine solved equations to identify mistakes.
external image msword.png Examining Equation Solutions.docexternal image msword.png Inspection of a Solved Equation.doc
Students use writing to explain the steps involved in solving equations.external image msword.png Writing about Solving Equations.doc
A good summary game for solving equations.external image msword.png Solving Equations Game (Pre 5.3a).doc

Foldables summarizing solving equations.external image msword.png One-Step Equation Foldable.docexternal image msword.png Solving Equations Foldables I (Alg 3 Revised).doc
Practice worksheets for solving equations.external image pdf.png Solving Two Step Equations-Practice.pdf
external image pdf.png Two Step Word Problems - Practice.pdfexternal image pdf.png Solving Multi-Step Equations - Practice.pdf

Writing and Solving Equations

In the following lessons students write equations that match stories and then solve the equations.
external image msword.png Writing and Solving Equations from Word Problems (Pre 5a.3).docexternal image msword.png Equations from Symbols and Stories (Pre 5a.4).doc
external image msword.png Equation Stories(Alg 3).docexternal image msword.png Equation Stories and Solutions.docexternal image msword.png Elevator Puzzle-Equations.doc


external image msword.png Solving and Graphing Inequalities Practice.docexternal image msword.png Solving Equations and Inequalities Practice.doc
external image pdf.png Solving Inequalities - Practice.pdfexternal image msword.png Inequality Applications.doc

Solving Literal Equations

external image msword.png Solving Literal Equations for a Specified Variable.doc


external image msword.png BalancingandSolving (Alg 3.2).doc